Because we are a no-kill organization, Hearthside Cats has taken in a number of cats over the years with medical or behavioral issues that require some extra patience, time and/or medical care.

We are hoping to find some very special homes for these very special cats.  In the meantime, your small monthly donation will enable us to continue to care for and house these cats.

Emma is very shy and quiet.  She warms up to people slowly and is not comfortable with being held.  Emma has settled very well into shelter life with her sister, Cynthia.  She likes having her own space where she can curl up with Cynthia and watch the goings on around her.

SueJoe is a large, very handsome Siamese.  He was born in 2007 and lived the feral life for a while before coming to Hearthside.  He is very wary of people and unfortunately does not let anyone touch his beautiful fur.   SueJoe has come a long way in adjusting to domestication and enjoys exploring the shelter.  He likes high places and napping with his buddies.